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Who We Are?

Hello, I am Jennifer, Founder of Ecosmus. I have been a passionate of Tourism and Travel since my teenage years and I made it my passion, my life and my career. I can count more than 15 years’ experience in the tourism industry in Mauritius up till now!


So, just to clarify a little point! I have come across many people who asked what did Ecosmus mean? Well, it simply means the combination of two words Ecology and Cosmos, bringing the Universe, the Essence of the Earth, Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources, and the People altogether.


After long years in the tourism industry and being a daughter to my island, I have been naturally inspired to create a personal own brand. I could thus introduce a new concept on the tourism market for the trendy demand of young and mature travellers, who are slowly shifting their consciousness about Mother Earth, whereby Sustainable Tourism travel would be combined with Luxury Exclusive Travel. I made it a point to realize my dream as I wanted to bring my own unique touch and make my guests visit Mauritius …making them discover the authentic true deep Mauritius as I cherish it every single day…

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